Top 8 studies: 40% more leads from these Facebook Ad design hacks

Facebook Hacks May 20, 2020

Use colourful ads
62‐90% people make their assessment based on colors alone

Use highly contrasted colors
Study by usabilitytools showed 75% higher click-through rates on landing pages that uses highly contrast call-to-actions

facebook ad hacks
Dont be afraid of high contrasts - but don't over do it

Use white backgrounds
Ads with white background had a 60% higher CTR and attracted 40% more conversions compared to a colorful background.

facebook ad hacks
Guess which variation won?

Use creatives that spark emotions
Emotional content performed about 2x as well as those with only rational content.

Use people in your ads
Increase your conversions by 35% by replacing stock images with a real person. a happy face always work :)

Showcase your products
We’re hardwired to remember things we see much longer compared to things we hear.

facebook ads hack
Bold colors + product photography = win win

Try new formats instead of static images
Use gifs, videos and carousels (10x better at getting people to click)

Match it with your brand
Ad designs that closely match with a landing page increase conversions by 20-35%.
Using brand colors can increase brand recognition and trust at 69%.

Increase your Brand recognition


Gohar Shafique

Entrepreneur - International Speaker - Growth Hacker & Digital Marketing Consultant for ambitious companies hungry for growth.

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